Where to find Spire Free Siri Proxy List ? Chpwn released Spire for Siri port. Spire uses a new method to obtain the files necessary for Siri, so it doesn’t have the copyright issues encountered by previous attempts.

The servers from the list used to work, however almost all of them has not stable connection. In many cases connection fails, so you have to try several times to connect to the server… Continue reading

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Follow This Tutorial and Install Siri on iPad 2:
Step 1: Jailbreak your iPad 2 on 5.0.1

Step 2: Open “Cydia” + “Search” and search for “Spire” and install “Spire” on your iPad 2.

[ Installing this can make the iPad change into “iPhone mode” which can make the screen look funky. Quick respiring can fix this problem].

Step 3: Download iFile from Cydia and install

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SiriToggles Lets You Toggle Settings and Open Apps Using Siri (Jailbreak Tweak)

You read that correctly ladies and gentlemen! Siri can now open apps and toggle settings such as Wi-Fi, 3G, and even brightness using this brand new tweak coming soon. Today we present to you SiriToggles.


Don’t you hate it when you ask Siri to open an Continue reading

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