Download Absinthe 2.0.1: Fix Jailbreak Issues


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After copious amounts of work and many sleepless nights Absinthe 2.0 is finally here to jailbreak your device. This release has been a large collaborative effort between Chronic-Dev Team and iPhone Dev Teams (Jailbreak Dream Team)

This jailbreak supports firmware 5.1.1 ONLY and is again one of the most easiest jailbreaks to use (so easy your grandma could do it ;D)

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All the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users are eagerly waiting for the iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak and iOS 5.1 untethered jailbreak from pod2g and suddenly the iPhone Dev-Team have come up with their iOS 5.1.1 downgrade solution. Redsn0w 0.9.11b1 that was recently released by the iPhone Dev-Team can be used to downgrade iPhone 4S, iPad 3 and iPad 2 firmware using the saved SHSH Blobs. If you are an… Continue reading

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Downgrade 4.11.08 to 4.10.01 baseband on iOS 5.0.1 and unlock with Gevey Sim or Ultrasn0w ?

You can upgrade your baseband, but not downgrade for unlocking solutions until Apple still signs required firmware.

What happens when we have new SHSH servers ?

If you are following the jailbreak and unlock scene you would know this is not entirely new but with these SHSH Servers you can… Continue reading

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Almost immediately after the new firmware from Appl, iPhone Dev Team has promised to release a new Ultrasn0w version to unlock iOS 5.1.However, hackers are delayed with the release of the compatibility update (known as the Network Zmaster).

The programmer has released updates of its own utility Ultrasn0w fixer, which allows you to unlock iOS 5.1 for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS with the old baseband.

Zmaster warns that… Continue reading

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How to improve iPhone 4S battery life? Ever since iPhone 4S is released many users are complaining about the battery problem on this amazing iPhone.

However, According to many developers this is due to a software issue which will be fixed in the next release which is iOS 5.1. Well, the other side of the story is that many users… Continue reading

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The famous and currently most wanted baseband 4.11.08 is apparently on its way.AppleBerry,the company behind the Gevey SIM unlock that promised a while ago an unlock for iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08 has finally spoke on its Facebook page saying their 4.11.08 baseband unlock is in its final stages.

According to ApplenBerry
I thought I made… Continue reading

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Today we have another news about Unlock 04.11.08 baseband, but this time we have some good news.

A few minuts ago Applenberry has updated his facebook fanpage that they are in the final testing stage for unlocking the iPhone on iOS 5.

We think that Applenberry finally will developed the new Gevey SIM to unlock the 04.11.08 baseband… Continue reading

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A new iOS 5.0.1 security big has been discovered. This time a Canadian tech blogger named Ade Barkah has discovered a security bug concerning Face Time. This bug lets anyone make a call out of your handset even with the highest security settings employed.

This loophole has been confirmed to work on both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.On his blog, Barkah explained the situation saying… Continue reading

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iPhone 4 unlock for 5.0.1(baseband 4.11.08) but it will work if understand how steps are done to unlock!. if it did not worked just keep trying because it worked for me with two locked “MC318LL” iPhones 4 in IOS 5.0.1 and it worked for easy way.. this is not ractor unlock….
worked in iPhone 4 MC318LL with this networks.

UAE : du , etisalat. Jordan: Orange , zain and… Continue reading

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What is the unlock via Ultrasn0w 04.11.08 baseband iPhone 4 or downgrade to 01.59.00 possibility? In other words “After upgrading iPhone 4 to iOS 5 no network problem” One of our readers asked us this question, so that we are going to make this clear in this article. As you know that Apple released iOS 5 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on October 12.

Many of iPhone… Continue reading

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