Skype Download For New iPad (Retina Display Support Now)

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Posted by Admin on Tuesday Mar 27, 2012 Under Download, How To, iPad, New iPad

Skype is a world famous online video conferencing solution that is used by millions of people each day. The fact that this service can be used through a variety of platforms, both mobile and desktop, is proof enough that Skype is a world leader in video conferencing and is here to stay. Last year Skype released the much awaited app for iPad 2. Earlier today, an update was released which brings Retina Display support to Skype for New iPad.

Skype for New iPad has a huge advantage over FaceTime, Apple’s own video conferencing solution that is supported only by Macs and iOS devices. The iPad user is not allowed to make FaceTime calls via 3G, now 4G LTE in case of third generation iPad. On the other hand, users can make Skype calls from their iPad using network connections. This happens to be one major factor that ensures success of Skype on Apple’s magical tablet.

This particular Skype update is for those who have got the New iPad. Users in the USA will be able to make Skype calls over AT&T or Verizon Wireless 4G LTE networks, which are blazing fast. Calls can also be made over Wi-Fi. The New iPad greatly enhances the user experience of Skype app. This tablet, with it’s gorgeous Retina Display, is absolutely perfect for video conferencing with friends and family. The display itself is amazing to say.

You shouldn’t be worried about getting this update if you own an iPad 2. The Retina Display support will only be obvious to those who have the New iPad. Apart from that, no changes have been made to Skype app for iPad. The best part is that this app can be downloaded any time absolutely free of cost from the iTunes App Store.

Download Skype for New iPad from App Store