Security Bug Allows Face Time Calls With Passcode On iOS 5.0.1

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Posted by Admin on Wednesday Feb 15, 2012 Under iPhone

A new iOS 5.0.1 security big has been discovered. This time a Canadian tech blogger named Ade Barkah has discovered a security bug concerning Face Time. This bug lets anyone make a call out of your handset even with the highest security settings employed.

This loophole has been confirmed to work on both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.On his blog, Barkah explained the situation saying that he was able to trick the Voice Control into bypassing the phone`s passcode and pry into the phone`s private address book as well as make live Face Time calls.

Barkah applied a passcode on his iPhone 4 and turned off Voice Control, but he could still make a call through the Emergency Call page sending commands through Voice Control without having to type in his password.Luckily, the voice calls weren’t actually made. He could see all the contacts with the contacts` pictures, though. What is really alarming is the Face Time call which actually went through.

Now Voice Control leaks that I have two numbers for Lisa Klein: her “mobile” and another number at the “love shack“. Had this been my jealous girlfriend probing my locked phone, I would’ve been totally busted! Remember, we’re getting all this info from a locked phone with Voice Dial explicitly disabled. So far we’ve only enumerated through the Contacts. Can we actually complete a call from the locked phone? With FaceTime, the answer is yes! Again starting from the Emergency Call screen, this time I say, “FaceTime
Older iPhone models, iPhone 3GS, doesn’t have this problem since they don`t feature Face Time which was an added feature to the iPhone 4. It`s kind of a privacy violation when anyone can access your contacts list even with your passcode on.

Hopefully, Apple is working on fixing this bug.