How to Download and Install Cydia?

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Posted by Admin on Sunday Jan 15, 2012 Under Cydia, iPhone, Jailbreak

iPhone with Cydia is a heady combination offering great apps, tweaks and more. Here’s how to install Cydia on iPhone. It’s quite simple to download Cydia actually. Here’s the many ways to do it:

Cydia is a fantastic package for the iPhone. It works or runs on any jailbroken iPhone and comes with countless apps for tweaks, personalization, functionality, software and much more. Cydia is developed and maintained by Jay Freeman also called saurik. Cydia is much like a third-party middle-man that accumulates and delivers apps to the user on a common platform.


How to get Cydia?

Cydia is so famous that most of the jailbreaking softwares available on the internet come with a default installation of Cydia. Jailbreaking softwares like Spirit Jailbreak, Pwnage Tool, redsn0w etc. come with an option to install Cydia as the jailbreaking proceeds. If you are using one of these tools to jailbreak your iPhone, you can easily select the option and have Cydia installed automatically. There is no need to do a separate installation of Cydia in such cases.

However, for softwares like blackra1n, you might need to carry out additional steps. In such softwares, Cydia might not come as an installation – that is, it might not get installed along the jailbreak process. In the case of blackra1n, Cydia comes as a package. So, once you jailbreak your iPhone with blackra1n, you need to open it, choose Cydia and tap Install. Here, you will need an active internet connection so that the installation is successful.

So why all this fuss about jailbreaking? Cydia can only run on a jailbroken iPhone. If your iPhone’s not jailbroken, you cannot use Cydia to download the applications from Cydia.

The reason is, Apple restricts certain softwares and certain processes due to a violation of its terms, standards and rules. The apps on Cydia are often those that would not fit into these set standards. Unlike the iTunes App Store, where every app is reviewed by Apple before being posted up there, the Cydia App Store does not vet every app that comes up on the app store. This also causes security risk for the user which is why Apple does not allow Cydia.

This is why we need a jailbroken iPhone to install Cydia.

Can we install Cydia without jailbreaking again? Actually, one needs a jailbroken iPhone only. It does seem easier to install Cydia as you jailbreak your iPhone. The process of installing Cydia alone, without having to jailbreak a phone again is somewhat lengthy.

Download Cydia.deb – the base Cydia installation file you can get from many sources.
SSH into your iPhone through softwares like CyberDuck or WinSCP.
Place the Cydia.deb in the ROOT directory via the SSH connection.
Type “dpkg -i /cydia.deb” to install Cydia.
Type “killall -HUP SpringBoard” to respring your iPhone.